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Dana Holloman

Single Handed

Single Handed

ELEVATE…two dates, two locations, one purpose…WORSHIP!!

Im excited to announce we now have kicked off Elevate Dublin, which will be the last Saturday of every month. Elevate Drogheda will continue on the first Saturday of the month.

ELEVATE is a time to hang out with God during an uplifting time of worship and a time to hangout with our mates. The night is all focused and geared toward teens and the 20 somethings. Young people who are hungry for God!! It’s not about churches, doctrine, denomination or religion…it’s not about difference in beliefs….it’s about the one thing we all have in common… Jesus Christ and spending time in worship. It’s about bringing unity and encouragement to today’s generation. Once a month… can we afford not too?

love, serve, surrender, finding purpose in life, being yourself,…WORSHIP!! Loosing religion and finding Christ….made to be different…made to grow….made to do things different….made to worship!

Creating an atmosphere that is welcoming to anyone of any religion. Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable, welcoming, encouraging, empowering, true and honest. Creating an atmosphere that allows young people to come as they are and to find purpose for their life.

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