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Drogheda youth sports centre)is a new project just getting started. A building has been sighted to obtain and renovate but first the money has to be raised. This is a huge project that is desperately needed in Drogheda. This sports centre will be a place were young people can come to a safe environment, either to hang out with mates, play football, basketball or much more. A few things that will be offered or run through the Torch is 10 wk yth and adult basketball and football (soccer) leagues year round (for a variety of ages) flag football, kids sports camps and training camps. This project is intended to see the anti- social behaviors that have gripped Drogheda, such as addictions, oppression and depression, decrease while seeing an increase of self- respect, self- esteem and sense of belonging. I believe in this project and believe no matter how big, it will be accomplished.

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