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Dana Holloman



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Dana was born in Baltimore, MD and raised in a loving home. She grew up in a typical pastors home, moving all around the United States and always looking forward to the General Assembly. She was your typical pastors kid and her parents instilled the Word of God in her, which is what has made her what she is today.

Like most teenagers, once at the age of 13, she begin to allow the influences of society to sway her judgements. She became resentful toward the church, her parents and most of all God. She begin to fill her hurts, anger and voids with many things that would only be acceptable in society. Before she knew it she found herself as a hopeless alcoholic.

After many years of living a shameful lifestyle and making many poor decisions, she found herself turning to the only one that could make a difference. At age 26, she vowed to take every experience and bad decision and give God all the glory by using it to help others. As a rebellious teen/ young adult, single mother, and former alcoholic, she is well able to show the compassion that the youth of Ireland need.

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Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8

Applying Isaiah 6:8 to her life she said, “Send me, Ill go.” A few months later she was quitting her job, packing her bags and telling her friends and family goodbye and leaving everyone and everything she ever knew to start the next chapter of her life. This didn’t just effect her life, but was a drastic change in her daughters life as well. Facing adjustments to culture, people and life as they once knew it.

She now lives in Drogheda, a town on the east of Ireland with a population of about 30,000. Reaching out to the youth of Ireland. In today’s society, in Ireland, the increase of criminal activity and substance abuse is a big concern among the youth and young adults. With the vast increase of children becoming addicts of alcohol and illegal drugs action needs to be taken quickly. Dana’s vision is to see lives changed and impacted positively. She wants to offer support, make resources available, educate, and raise awareness about social issues facing the youth/young adults of today. She wants to see the youth of Ireland free from oppression, depression, and anti-social behavior such as addiction, abuse and suicide. She wants to see confident people raised up using their full potential. Her mission is to reach the youth of Drogheda/Ireland through different tactics such as ELEVATE (bringing them together for worship and fellowship), EPIC (educating them in the Word and hanging out with their mates) , raising awareness through such programs as Tirzah (Human Trafficking) and Open Doors (Persecuted Church) and through the Torch ( a new project in development, a much needed youth sports centre in Drogheda) an approach through sports outreach. She wants to see an increase and build self-respect, self-esteem and character and see a decrease in the anti-social behaviours that seems to be gripping the communities of Ireland.

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Reaching the Youth of Ireland!

Her skills & expertise:

Youth Ministry, Youth Mentoring, Community Outreach,
Youth Programs, Visionary, Energetic Self-Starter
Awareness Raising, Team Building, Retreats
Motivational Speaking, Discipleship

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